Bahia Luz produces fashion women made from the finest natural garments and attires. Bahia Luz has also reserves a small segment for men and children. Bahia Luz catches a glimpse of the natural beauty and reflects it back into a woman’s smile.

The unique setting of Salvador da Bahia overlooking the Bahia de Todos os Santos, the spirit in the Pelourinho and its abundant baroque churches and squares, the folly of Carnaval do Salvador, and finally the inimitable authentic mix of Bahianos have inspired Bahia Luz to create something which mirrors this beauty.

Picking up the different threads of history and culture from Africa, Europe and the Americas, combining them and reviving this mix in new African Fashion beyond tradition, this process is behind Bahia Luz”


African Fashion Revived

Established in 2012 in Maputo

Bahia Luz dresses the body and addresses the mind…

A beautiful body is something ephemeral. But inside of every human being lies a beauty which is much stronger, which never stops glowing, no matter what age, what colour, what size or shape of the body. It is our job to emphasize the beauty inside of every woman, to make every woman glow inside.

“Only then a product deserves the label Bahia Luz”


Shadia Esen, happily married, 2 children, Rwandese, born in Uganda, living in Zimbabwe, started fashion design in 2010.

“Only when I moved from Rwanda to Mozambique, I discovered the true colours of African attires and the potential for a tuly African fashion which goes beyond tradition and ethnicity”